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Lecture Notes

Collection of information related to the course


Lectures notes are now only available on the ETH-internal Moodle sites


  • Statistical data analysis, G. Cowan
  • Statistics for nuclear and particle physics, GL.Lyons
  • Statistics: A guide to the use of statistical medhods in the Physical Sciences, GR.J.Barlow
  • Datenanalyse, GS.Brandt
  • Probability and Statistics in Experimental Physics, GB.Roe
  • The Advanced Theory of Statistics Vol I-III, GM.G.Kendall, A.Stuart, Charles Griffin
  • Statistische und numerische Methoden der Datenanalyse, GV.Blobel, E.Lohrmann
  • Data Analysis, a Bayesian Tutorial, GD.S.Sivia with J.Skilling